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Premium Moroccan Argan Oil 200mL with 30mL travel size

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This offer is for lovers of Argan Oil! We promise a truly genuine Argan Oil experience. A supersize 200mL glass bottle of 100% pure, premium quality, cold pressed non-deodorised, Australian Certified Organic, Australian-owned Argan Oil. Nothing else added - no preservatives, no fragrance, no silicones or synthetic fillers - just pure ethically sourced, authentic argan. The 200mL bottle comes with a lotion pump as an added extra for easy delivery. Plus we've included a full 30mL travel size companion that can be used on your shelf, in your handbag and accompany you on holiday. The pump action fitting for the 200mL allows for quick and easy refill of your 30mL bottle.

Argan Life's Pure Organic Argan Oil is the golden elixir from Morocco that can moisturise and hydrate youthing else added - r skin, revitalise and nourish your hair and repair brittle nails and damaged cuticles. Argan Life's Pure Argan Oil is packed with protective antioxidants and healing fatty acids for beautiful skin and hair. Only fine quality unrefined Argan can deliver the full power of Argan Oil to benefit your skin.

Our oil is 100% virgin cold pressed and has not had any chemical processing or steam treatments. Rich in texture and absorbed within minutes, Argan Life's Argan Oil provides long-lasting softness to skin and hair. Personally sourced by Argan Life from a Berber women's co-operative in Morocco.

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Argan Oil is derived from the nut of the Argan tree. Almost always very well tolerated, if you have an allergy to nuts, consult your doctor before use. This caution applies to all products containing Argan Oil.

100% Pure Australian Certified Organic Unrefined Moroccan Argan Oil. No other ingredients. This means no parabens, sulphates, preservatives, additives, fillers, silicons, artificial fragrances or any synthetic chemicals.

Customer Reviews

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peter mihail

Premium Moroccan Argan Oil 200mL with 30mL travel size

Excellent Product

Great to hve both sizes - was worth the wait, love this product 👍👍😊

Argan oil

Truly can’t be without this wonderful oil.Use it on face & hair.

Mark Wong

Premium Moroccan Argan Oil 200mL with 25mL travel size

Good oil

I use the Argan oil for moisturising hair post-shower and for styling, works great!