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Premium Culinary Argan Oil

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Culinary Argan Oil is the edible version of Argan Oil. A staple of the Berber diet, culinary Argan Oil is made by roasting the kernels over an open fire before they are pressed. Argan Life Culinary Argan Oil is genuinely hand-made in a women's co-operative using time-honoured traditional methods to ensure maximum flavour and quality.

Perfect as a dip for oven-fresh bread, or a savoury flavour enhancer for your meat and vegetable dishes, Culinary Argan also has a delicious nutty flavour that works beautifully as a dressing on desserts.

Argan Life culinary Argan Oil is 100% pure and a product of fair trading practices.

It is used as a dressing oil and has many uses for seasoning and marinating. It can be used on salads, to dress seafood dishes, as an addition to soups, stews, couscous and tagines before serving. It works beautifully with honey and is an essential ingredient in the Moroccan dish known as Amlou- which is a nut flavoured dip using crushed almonds, Argan and honey and can be also be used in desserts. Culinary Argan is guaranteed to give Moroccan recipes a truly authentic flavour. Best used at the end of a hot dish before serving, or added as a dressing after heating. Many studies have shown that the polysaturated fats in Argan Oil helps regulate positive dietary wellbeing including good heart health and management of insulin levels.
100% pure Premium Moroccan Culinary Argan Oil (Australian Certified Organic)

Customer Reviews

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Chantal Mills
Argan Oil

I have purchased this product many times and love both the service and the product. I have introduced my children and grandchildren to it and they love it too. Some colleagues have also purchased it.

Alex Kennedy
Not a user yet

Have not used it as yet, maybe tomorrow night. If I do I will complete this form again.
Suffice to say ordering and delivery were very good.

Julie Keen
Culinary oil

I use the oil on salads, steamed veg adding a hint of uniqueness to the dishes.

Havrist Chapman
Beautiful, pure and original product.

Pure and rare product that you can’t find anywhere else. I am extremely satisfied.

Demmi Tsakmakis

I haven’t received it yet

Hi Demmi.
Thanks for letting us know. I checked the tracking and it is still in transit with Australia Post, but on its way! If you haven't received any tracking information for awhile, please let me know and I will send you the updates via email. Thank you very much for your order. Kindest regards
Sally / Argan Life