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Argan Life Australia in Peppermynta

We are delighted to find our Argan Life Australia products featured in the Natural Beauty section of the Peppermynta.  A German web magazine focussing on promoting eco-lifestyle choices, Peppermynta "emerged from the desire to share our enthusiasm with as many people as possible and to introduce products that make our hearts beat. We want to show that in addition to well-known trailblazers and pioneering brands, there are now a great many great sustainable labels from all over the world who deserve to be known." (  To find out why Peppermynta are excited about Argan Life, follow the link to this article by Julie Foil from June 18th, 2018:

Thank you Peppermynta for sharing our products with your readership. We are proud to be included in your product recommendations. You can find all of our beautiful, natural products in our shop:

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