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Argan Life Argan Oil Review

We would love to share with you this review of Argan Life's Argan Oil range, including our Deluxe Hair Treatment Serum and Argan Life's authentic Moroccan bath products. The writer, Nerida Lennon (pictured here), is a former international model who now dedicates her time to advocating for ethical fashion and beauty choices.

You can read Nerida's beautifully written review here.


  • July 7, 2015 Julie Vulin says:

    Just bought non-solid Moroccan Black soap with glove from US, seems pretty good. How often is it OK to use on face? Read to avoid eye area and scrub gently horizontally, not vertically, not in circles. Any advice? Thanks.

    • July 11, 2015 Argan Life says:

      Hi Julie,
      Moroccan Black (aka Beldi Soap) is made with olive oil and is similar to a Castile Soap. It is gentle on the skin due to the high oil content, but the formulations can vary according to the producer. It is not usually used on the face, so it is hard to give a recommendation. It really depends on your facial skin type and whether essential oils have been added to the soap. For complexions that produce excess oil, it is a gentle soap cleanser. For those with dry skin, I would recommend using oil to cleanse the skin and then use the beldi soap to remove excess oil if required.
      Which way to scrub with the Kessa Glove? My experience of Hammam treatments is that firm downward strokes are applied to the limbs and back. The chest and abdomen require some circular movements to avoid the sensitive tissue around the nipple. The main thing is to stroke in one direction rather than rub or scrub. The soap and the coarse glove do all the work for you. It is also important to wash away the soap before you begin to exfoliate. Some areas may look a little flushed initially, but this fades quickly and the skin is left feeling very soft and clean. Enjoy your home Hammam!

      • March 30, 2017 garry says:

        Sally has been very helpful in trying to find my product witch Australia post has apparently lost a very nice helpful lady

        • April 20, 2017 Argan Life says:

          Thanks Garry. Very kind of you to post. Happy to be of service.

          • June 28, 2017 Patricia says:

            Hi Argan Life. My name is Trish and I just recently purchased a bottle of Argan Oil. But whenI got it home I found it to be perfectly clear in colour. Does this mean it is no good. ?

            • July 3, 2017 lizzie.mick says:

              Hi, I’m 64 not bad skin but do have fine lines, mild dry skin and suffer from mild rosacea mainly on the nose I also have RH Athritis.
              I have been using rosehip oil by Kosmea for a few years of a night and Barbor Vitamin C complex of a day which I’m not unhappy with. I have read a lot about Argan oil and was thinking of changing to this oil, would it be okay do you think for my skin which one should I use and are the oils scented?

              • July 3, 2017 Argan Life says:

                Hi! Thanks for your enquiry. Argan Oil is suitable for all skin types. It is very high in Vitamin E as well as other anti-oxidant rich plant phenols, plus essential fatty acids 6 and 9 which are both anti-inflammatory and important components of healthy new skin growth. The rich combination of natural properties make Argan ideal for mature skin,to maintain the quality of your skin and prevent accelerated ageing. Plus the anti-inflammatory properties will soothe redness and irritation. Our Premium cold-pressed Argan is a great starting point and has no other ingredients. You might also like to try our Intense Facial Serum which combines both Argan Oil and Rose Hip Oil for maximum skin nourishment. There are no essential oils in the Intense Serum and it is designed for sensitive skin. Kind regards Sally.

                • July 3, 2017 Argan Life says:

                  Hi Trish. Thanks for your question. Cold-pressed Argan Oil is a light yellow-gold colour. When you pour it into your hand it may look colourless, but if you pour it into a clear glass container you will see it’s natural yellow colour. If you oil is colourless, it maybe Argan Oil that has been extracted using industrial methods, or it may have been diluted with a cheaper oil. Quality Argan will be absorbed into the skin within minutes and will not leave a greasy slick. Check the ingredients on the bottle and if possible, find out where the label sources their Argan. We buy our Argan personally from a women’s co-operative and it is shipped directly to us in Newcastle so there is no risk of dilution or corruption with cheaper oils. Finally our Argan is Australian Certified Organic which requires that our labels state all the ingredients, our labels must first be approved by ACO and we are audited every year to ensure we can account for every drop of Argan we import and sell. If you Argan doesn’t meet these requirements, then just use it on your elbows and knees! Sally

                  • October 26, 2019 Debbie says:

                    Hi Sally just want to say a big thankyou it’s been arround 8 months or more but my hair is great now. I have worked out my routine. And I oil my hair once a week and wash 2 or 3 times a week. Oh I leave the deluxe hair oil in my hair for at least 4 hours. And now it’s much softer. I also use my deluxe face oil sometimes once a day sometimes twice I’ve found it’s great when I mix a drop in with my moisturizer. Sorry getting old lol. But the oil helps softened my skin and seal in the moisture. Oh and I use the soap as well argan oil and goat milk. The thing I like is you don’t need much off the oil at a time and last for a while. Oh as the weather is getting hot do i need to put my oils in the fridge. Will be ordering another hair oil soon . But keep up the good work I’m so glad I found you. I will use your products for ever. Oh and the clay mask is nice to. I have to many to talk about them all. Oh and anyone out there their after my hair was ruined these oils have honestly saved my hair and it’s growing now sally. Thankyou argan life.

                    • October 27, 2019 Argan Life says:

                      Dear Debbie,
                      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. You won’t need to put the oil in the fridge. Just keep away from direct sunlight. Rose Water can go in the fridge and is very refreshing on a hot day. We really appreciate your kind words and support.
                      Kind regards
                      Sally / Argan Life

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